Roll for Spirituality Podcast

The Roll for Spirituality podcast is about the intersections of Table Top Role-Playing Games and Spirituality. On this show I have conversations with game masters, players, and designers about how games can be used for personal formation and spiritual discovery.

Dungeons & Dragons & Divinity

Sometimes we do not have supportive structures or safe spaces in our lives that allow us to explore our spirituality, beliefs, ideas, and life circumstances. It is difficult to wrestle with our doubts, questions, and curiosities when we feel like we are alone, but this is where spiritual direction comes into play. Regardless of the environment we find ourselves in, spiritual direction shows us that we do not have to go this journey alone. In Dungeons & Dragons & Divinity we use role-playing games as a medium for self discovery and deeper connection in an environment that seeks to cultivate a space of freedom and safety for all those who participate, frequently reminding them that they are not alone on their journey.

It's Dangerous to Go Alone

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Ryan Cagle (He/Him/His)

Ryan Cagle is wannabe real life wizard who has multi-classed in spirituality, game design, and the bardic college of story telling. He cut his TTRPG teeth on Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 as a middle schooler looking to go on an adventure with his friends. Ryan has received training as a graduate of the Phoenix Center for Spiritual Direction’s apprenticeship program, and has served in a myriad of pastoral roles in congregations across the country for over a decade.

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